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Start surfing happily with Aircel Delhi-NCR GPRS pack

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The Aircel GPRS pack for the Delhi-NCR  subscribers is all set to give a new edge to its cellular services.

When we talk of internet, we no longer refer to the long waiting queues outside the cyber cafes where we had to go through a real test of patience. Hours of long wait and then when we sit to surf the internet, the browser just pretends to say it in our face – that’s it, I just can’t deliver more than this. Please let me go! In India, we are always in a hurry. Whether at office or in our homes, we always have the tendency to be impatient. Patience, well we have not been taught what that actually means!

For people who go crazy when the browser starts revolving, Aircel comes with some attractive GPRS packs for its users in the Delhi-NCR region. The first one is the Aircel Delhi-NCR GPRS pack for Rs. 14 which provides unlimited internet access for 3 days. 72 hours of uninterrupted GPRS access. This pack is especially for people who love to be in a hurry. Well, that was not a sarcastic remark, but that’s how often we tend to be. The next one is the Aircel Delhi-NCR GPRS pack for Rs. 29 which gives 7 days of unlimited internet access. Gone are the days of getting irritated even with the thought of sitting at the small cabin of a cyber café. Keep surfing happily with AIRCEL’s Rs. 29 pack for a week. Then there is the Aircel Delhi-NCR GPRS pack for Rs. 98 which provides unlimited internet access for 30 days or a month. Probably it’s the best option for those who consider internet as their pulse of their life.

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  1. clovesray

    November 19, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    thanks a lot for sharing this to me…
    that's quite useful for me.


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