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Gift Your Sister A Golden Smile!

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All sisters are a diva in their own way! Some are sweet, some are your tough-love second moms or some, just a full pack of crazy!  But here’s the little things each one of them has in common! 

She always has your back! 

Willingly or unwillingly, your sister will always keep you from your parents wrath. And let’s not forget the million times she lied to them for you, right? 

She’ll be your midnight therapist! 

Going through a bad breakup or just anxious about your career choice, sisters have a PHD in helping you keep your peace of mind!

She’ll always be your Pseudo Parent! 

Blessed are those who have their sisters by their side for who else would constantly guide you through your life? 

So admit it! No matter how many times you call her a monster, bugging you while you are on your Xbox, you will always need your silly sister, you will always love your silly sister! And Rakshabandhan is the time when you might want to tell her that without really telling her that :p
Do you follow?   

For all those impending ‘thank you’, she definitely deserves the perfect gift and we are here to help you decode what that is! 

This Rakshabandhan, gift her something that is as precious as herself! Surprise her with Digital Gold and let the thought of some sassy jewellery bring her a big fat smile! Buy Digital Gold on the MobiKwik App now and get 200 mg GoldBack!

Did we just made your sibling moment a little extra- special? Glad! Happy celebrations to you 😉 

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