Happy Employees, Happy Us!

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Success is always more fulfilling when your team rejoices it with you. A decade of extraordinary commitment, delivery and growth wouldn’t be a reality without our team of aspiring and ambitious individuals and MobiKwik sends a bucket load of love to all of them. We thank our team for their dedicated and earnest efforts that brought this venture to great heights. 

Keeping our people content and motivated has always been the ultimate aim for this organization and we feel great pleasure to know that we are sailing in that direction. 

Sharing some kind words and happy thoughts coming from our wonderful team members! 

“I suffer from an autoimmune disorder which causes joint pain and other complications when the disease is active. It was the beginning of 2018, I had just started here and my disease began to act out. There was no option I was still new and the disease being rare, I am sure it mustn’t have been easy for the organization to understand. The freedom and support I received was commendable. I could work from home, work according to my own timings, take leave whenever I had to and as many as were required for my recovery. The directive was to focus on my health. I must say that it was because of the support from my team and the faith of the founders that I was able to go through the phase without taking a break.” 

-Rimjhim Varma, Human Resources

“We are proud to be MobiKwikians. Rejoining post maternity leave is a big fat challenge for handling the work while taking care of the baby is a roller coaster ride. Initially we were very worried about how we will manage it all. But MobiKwik team stood right by our side. The first breath of relief was when we got to know that there is a creche in the office. It saved us a bucket load of worry about the kid all day long. They have a care-taker at the creche and our baby feels pretty comfortable here in the office.  While parenting in itself is a huge challenge, flexibility, ease and support that MobiKwik offers has made balancing work and personal life quite simple.”

-Noopur Gupta, Software Development Engineer in Test
-Saurabh Gupta, Engineering Manager

“Since joining MobiKwik almost 4 years ago I’ve learned so much. MobiKwik consistently keeps conducting training programs and events that expose you to a great amount of learning. I am surrounded by a diverse and young crowd; all extremely bright and friendly and spending time with these people in the game room is the best leisure one could ask for. What I appreciate the most about MobiKwik is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work life and family responsibilities by allowing me more flexible working hours whenever needed. I managed to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family. 

Here’s to completing 4 years in a firm that keeps you happy, keeps you growing!”

-Carina Betz, Consumer Operations 

“It has been quite a remarkable journey for me in MobiKwik. Six years and counting and the growth that I’ve had over the past 6 years with MobiKwik has been incredible. I started my journey with MobiKwik as Merchant Ops Analyst and over 5 years I got the privilege to lead the team where I trained people and created processes. When things got stable for the department and I wanted to explore further opportunities, I sought guidance from the Founders and was given a chance to work as a Product Manager in Payments core. My colleagues do call me a veteran, but I still consider myself in growth path of my learning curve. This astonishing journey of a Merchant Ops Analyst turned Product Manager would not have been substantial without support of Upasana & Bipin.

The best part about MobiKwik is that you are provided with a pool of opportunities which gives you a chance to opt for what suits you the best and just like that, you keep learning forever! 

– Shashank Tiwari,  Product Manager

“MobiKwik has been my home since 4.5 years now. I have grown by leaps and bounds, & witnessed great potential to grow further with the amazing team that is here. Phenomenal culture and environment sets the company apart. Largely coming from our co-founder, Upasana Taku, office is a safe and happy place for women. The understanding and empathy that the company shows is beyond what you would expect in the corporate world. Upasana is extremely understanding with respect to balancing personal and professional life, evidently, MobiKwik has also opened a creche for working Moms. Leadership positions & teams are kept diverse by promoting women employees! MobiKwik is the ideal place for an ambitious and career driven woman for it consistently encourages the boss girl in you!” 

-Tusharika Tyagi, Sr Manager Alliances
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