Happy Hours@MobiKwik, A phenomenal success !!!

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Phew ! Gosh ! Sigh ! Sigh ! sigh….. And it Ended !!!

No ! Definitely not ! This is not a man panting because he ran 10 kilometers in a day, this is the Support Team@MobiKwik because they never realized that Happy Hours @MobiKwik would become an instant hit.

Unlike our any other promotional campaign so far, the Happy Hours was launched on a small scale for a 3 day (29th-31st July) period. Quite frankly, none of us at MobiKwik was expecting a blizzard of consumers between 6 pm and 7 pm for these three days.

The Figures….

858 Consumers raced for every Minute..

225 Consumers did repeat Participations..

126 Consumers thought the competition existed even on 1st August…

178 Consumers got rewarded…

Some of them were contacttomukesh@gmail.com,harmil007@gmail.com,mukesh.patil2000@gmail.com,



On Popular-Cum-Crazy Demand, the Happy Hours will be back..

Watch Out for this space !!!!

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