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Warning : Beware of free recharge codes on orkut!

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We have come across some users complaining that they did not get free recharge from codes which were pasted on their orkut profiles. It seems someone has been pasting free mobile recharge codes ( for mobikwik) to profiles of unsuspecting orkut users. The only problem is these codes do not actually work.

The reason these codes don’t work is because these are not valid and not sponsored by us. A malicious spammer is taking advantage of mobikwik brand name to get orkut users to click on these links.

Please note that Mobikwik does not spam orkut users with free recharge codes. The Mobikwik Discount Coupons as they are formally known, are available *exclusively* through our partners like Adomado.

We are conducting investigation to find out who is doing this. Any tips, please email us at support@mobikwik.com.

A sincere request to all orkut users not to fall into this trap. Nothing in this world comes for free!

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