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Value Added Services: the world in your hands

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A mobile phone has became an essential personal device for every Indian. One can see a mobile phone in the hands of a vegetable vendor, a businessman, a grandma and a school going kid. Today, more than 15 mobile networks connect people throughout India. Voice and text are two important services provided to mobile users. But is that all a device in your hands can provide? Absolutely not, Yeh Dil Mange More! What’s more? Value Added Services.

So what is a Value Added Service, abbreviated as VAS ? You may feel that you are well connected to the World with voice and text. Perhaps you are wrong. Value Added Services (VAS) provide you possibilities to get connected in a more interactive and rich manner. Simplest example of VAS is the Caller Tune. You have a feature to let your callers listen to a nice song when they call you – days of boring tring tring are over!

Voice Mail is another powerful VAS. Unfortunately, very few people use it. Perhaps most Indians are free to take calls all the time! If you are a pretty busy person, and you dont want people to have to call your number 5 times to reach you, you could divert calls to your voice mail box. It will record messages from your callers for you, which you can listen later when you are free.

Missed Call Alerts (MCA) has became  popular. If you get out of coverage or switch off the phone, you don’t get any idea about callers. With MCA, you get SMS from caller’s number during that times. If you don’t want to miss any call, MCA is the must have VAS for you.

Carriers like Vodafone offer some unique features like Call Filter. You can block specific number from calling you. Personalized Messages is another good feature where, you can set a message defining your current status, that a caller will listen to when he or she calls you.

GPRS enabled internet on the move. EDGE, the next version of GPRS improves mobile internet speeds.  All mobile enthusiasts are now waiting for 3G, indicating 3rd Generation. 3G is the fine combination of GSM and CDMA allowing voice/text with high speed internet. Rated speed for today’s 3G is 3.1MBPS ! You could check emails, browse thousands of sites, watch videos on the move.

That’s not all, the need for speed continues to exist. Next high speed version, 4G is already being tested. Technology is one step ahead of our demands from our mobile, so there is no need to worry!

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