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Idea Full Talk time offers in Assam

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Idea presents wonderful offers in Assam region to increase its customer base over there. These packs are offering the full talktime recharge offers and other affordable topup offers which let company and customers both get satisfied and earn some value. The offers are fabulous and let you avail benefits of talktime with no costs. The various plans are giving you the benefits just at no cost.

The different full talktime offers by idea in Assam state are as follows:

The talktime offer of Rs 18: With Rs 18 you get full talktime benefit and the main balance can be used with ease as it comes with a validity of 30 days.

Rs 65 talktime and core balance: The balance of Rs 65 will be available with the recharge and a validity of 30 days with complete core balance.

The full talktime of Rs 111: The top up of Rs 111 will help you to get the balance of complete Rs 111 and the validity of 30 days is obtained with the plan.

Top up of Rs 222: You get Rs 222 balance as the complete core balance with the top up of Rs 222 and this is valid for complete 30 days. This balance can be used as full talktime and core balance.

These complete talktime offers with as low balance as Rs 18 and Rs 222 will help every strata of consumers to get balance according to their needs and these plans suits everyone. Idea offers such awesome plans for the benefit of people using Idea in Assam.

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