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MTS Makes A Thrust In The Commercial Capital

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Mumbai serves as the commercial hub for the entire country. Mumbai has a plethora of industries, commercial establishments, business enterprises and both small and large business corporate houses.

Mumbai, a city replete with all types of commercial activities ranges from the small business entrepreneur to the top-notch corporate big-wigs includes a host of other business groups.

Mumbai has the largest number of mobile phones/internet users in the whole country. It is indeed a familiar sight to see a man walking down the street with a mobile phone in one hand and a portfolio bag in the other, busy chatting away.

MTS has maintained the validity period of each of its recharge package offers for a period of one month. In fact, there are three offers available through MTS that are fabulous and tempting.

An Internet user can opt for a recharge pack known as the MTS  MBlaze 598 pack, valid for 30 days costs Rs. 598/- where you can receive 1.0 GB of data access enabling the user to access the internet. The MTS  MLoad7 pack is available where a subscriber makes a payment of Rs. 600/- and gets 2.0 GB of data access, valid for a month. Of course, a recharge package, where one can get 3.0 GB of data access at a price of Rs. 798/- valid for a month through its MTS MBlaze 798 pack is a little pricey.

MTS firmly believes in catering to every user’s requirements in a practical manner. MTS has brought to the fore one of its most exclusive offers in an unbeatable range of recharge packages.

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