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MTS leaves its footprints in Gujarat

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The state of Gujarat follows the footsteps of Mumbai, in forging ahead in industrial and commercial activity.

One of the most famous industrial houses and other reputed corporate establishments have been housed in the state for decades.

There are several towns and cities all over the state that have excelled not only in industrial output, but various other spheres of commercial activity. The capital city, Ahmedabad is the city of textiles; Surat is renowned for its diamond cutting industry, following Amsterdam in Holland.

MTS put its best foot forward when it decided, as a service provider to make a lucrative offer to the residents of the state of Gujarat. MTS offered internet users with a one in a thousand chance through its recharge plans.

The internet user only needs to pay an amount of Rs. 999/- to obtain unlimited data access that is valid for a period of 30 days. The recharge package called the MTS MBlazer Unlimited Rs.999 Pack provides a super speed of up to 3.1 Megabytes per second with a 12.0 GB of data access.

However, beyond 12.0 GB of data access, the speeds of the internet would be optimized to CDMA i.e. up to 144 Kilobytes per second.

There is undoubtedly a tough competition with a plethora of mobile/internet service providers in the country at present. However, MTS has left a significant footprint on the national scenario, yet the Gujju bhais in the state stand to benefit from this amazing offer.

With this offer in place, even Lord Krishna would be blowing the trumpet rather playing the flute.

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