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Vodafone Karnataka SMS pack worth Rs.52/- only

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Continuing to expand horizons by offering you to spend less and talk more, Vodafone, stands out in the post and prepaid plans it has presented till now. Already identified as the leading GSM service provider in India, you will be delighted to know that Vodafone has recently raised its standing in terms of customer support, yet retaining the network quality that comes to you in 2.75 G.

This renowned brand in telecom now presents Vodafone Karnataka SMS pack. This Vodafone Rs.52/- recharge is a gamut of goodies for the SMS loving youth of Karnataka. Enabling you float a large number of SMS as high as 500 all over India, you can enjoy the benefits of this special offer up to 30 days. To your surprise, this SMS offer comes to you for free for 30 days period, from the day you activate this pack. Talktime, however, is not inclusive in the offer.

This offer also adds value in the life of those busy professionals who cannot pick up their calls every now and then. Those working in call centres  or associated with BPOs can benefit largely given their need to stay in touch with their counterparts, as also their friends & family. Having so much to do already within your rich, there is no stopping for you to keep the communication going and at the same time, choose to be precise about what you want to say.

Clearly, Vodafone Karnataka SMS pack is bound to rock your professional and personal life through the special features contained in it.

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  1. JdSfja

    January 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    This is sick and day robbery. Vodafone will loose customer. Before it was 100 sms a day for an year for just 38 INR.


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