Tata Docomo Chennai GPRS packs for people on the go!

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No matter, whether you’re a teenager, or hi end corporate executive if you want to stay connected to the net Tata Docomo offers some exciting Chennai GPRS packs to you. Now you need not be glued to your PC, carry laptops all day long or hunt for a cyber café near you. All thanks to Tata Docomo affordable GPRS packs, the net is at your fingertips.

Quite unlike other companies the Tata docomo packages for Chennai are very reasonable, starting from as low as Rs. 15 pack with 20 MB internet usage and valid for 3 days. These packs are prefect for any one , be someone living in Chennai or visiting the city for a short trip and wants to check mails, stay connected to Facebook or twitter.

These packs provide you with ample choice. Tata Docmo gives you the freedom to choose the packs depending on the usage. You can either go for Tata Docomo Rs.95 GPRS pack with 6 GB internet usage or Tata Docomo Rs.63 GPRS pack with 2.5 GB internet usage or even try the Tata Docomo Rs.48 GPRS pack with 2 GB internet usage. But for those with greater net usage Tata Docomo Rs.149 GPRS pack with 8 GB availability is just prefect. The best part about all these packs is that you get a validity of a month, no matter which GPRS pack you pick up.

So now the World Wide Web is in your pocket, where ever you go!

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