Insane Offers that will make you lose your mind

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We are going super crazy with offers, especially with Recharge and Bill category and to top that we have made the rules quite simple!

  • Your SuperCash, will now be valid for 3 months. Seems like a great end of the year. Earn much more SuperCash than ever before and use 10% of it on top brands and stores
  • Since we will be giving very attractive offers on Recharge and Bill Payment Category, we have discontinued SuperCash use on this category


Yes, you heard it right, SuperCash is going super crazy with offers that are too hard to resist.


Here are a few tips on getting the best of the offers through the experts at MobiKwik, who make a great use of it.

Abhilash from business development loves to talk. You can always find him on his phone even when he’s working. Yes, he’s good at multi-tasking but that doesn’t helps the huge bills he gets every month. But Abhilash knows how to make the best use of the situation and save as much as he can. So, he pays all his phone bill using MobiKwik and earns around ₹250 as SuperCash (check more offers here). He uses the 10% of this SuperCash to book movie tickets every weekend. That’s what we call a perfect balance.

In a similar way, Carina from consumer operations spends big on travelling, which she loves the most. She hops on a plane whenever she finds an opportunity to. But the travelling expenses usually leave a hole in her pocket. That’s when her resourcefulness comes into picture. She books a flight through MobiKwik and earns ₹1000 as SuperCash (check more offers here). She then uses the 10% of this SuperCash balance to pay for her stay. Intelligent, isn’t it?

Unlike Abhilash and Carina, Tanya wants to set up her new home. She went through an array of furniture showrooms, but the prices were way over her budget. And that’s not the only thing on her mind. She needs to order groceries as well for her house warming party. That’s where MobiKwik comes to rescue. She orders her furniture online and pays via MobiKwik to bag ₹1000 SuperCash. She used the 10% of the earned SuperCash to order groceries. That’s clearly a very smart play.

This is how people at MobiKwik utilizes the offers and save big. Earning SuperCash and saving on each transaction is amazing, but getting a 10% discount on almost every transaction is like the icing on the cake – the more the merrier.



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