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Instant money access using smartphone!

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We all know, we should be well prepared for ‘a rainy day’ but what do we do when rain arrives before we are ready? 

The current Covid situation is a case in point. We all would agree that these are financially stressful days. There may be a sudden need for money due to unwarranted expenses. But worry not! You are not alone in any critical situation when your smartphone is with you. 

Here are a few ways how to transfer money while staying at home thus, coping with the cash crunch.

A. UPI fund transfer!

Using the money transfer apps, you can easily make the online transfer directly to your bank account when in need. As online money transfer via UPI is one tap away, it not only saves time in emergency but also helps you in maintaining cash balance. Why go anywhere when you have money transfer services available right in your smartphone.

Following are some key benefits that gives it a differential edge:

  • Real-time transfer: Need a virtual payment address, a click and your online money transfer is done! 
  • Accessible: No need to fill in details for each transaction – it is easy to access. 
  • Low cost: All you need is a smartphone and internet connection to access the money transfer service.

B. Wallet to bank fund transfer!

Your e-wallet can help you transfer funds online at the click of a button. The ‘wallet to bank’ feature by MobiKwik, allows you to online transfer money from any credit card to any bank account via MobiKwik wallet. While ensuring the improvement in liquidity, it also backs up your monetary requirements. You can easily online-transfer home/office rents, tuition fees, hostel fee, security deposits without delaying. Go cashless, stay home and make all your payments using a credit card via MobiKwik wallet.

The following are some of the key benefits:

  • Anytime, Anywhere: It is like a bank in your pocket that you can access 24×7 for online transfer. Quicker and instant!
  • Low interest: The interest charges are comparatively very low approx 3.9% plus taxes. 
  • Safe banking: Fund transfer from Wallet to bank’ is highly secured. You don’t have to go anywhere, enjoy safe banking from home.
  • In app KYC: Online fund transfer via wallet requires KYC. Using the MobiKwik app, you can complete the KYC within minutes.

C. How to transfer money online with zero hassle?

No need to be stuck in long queues and legal formalities when ‘wallet to bank’ transfer is an easy option. Stay safe and save your time by following these quick steps to send money:

  • Click on the banner ‘Send money from wallet to bank’ on the MobiKwik app
  • Insert your account details – Beneficiary, Account Number, IFSC Code 
  • Enter the amount and make the successful transaction

So next time, if you are in need of emergency cash – make the smartest choice for yourself!  Welcome the easy, instant and hassle-free life!

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