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Candle-light dinners are perfect for dates, but everyday life comes to a total stop without electricity. We hate the thought of no power, but between queues and hefty rates, paying the power bill seems like a never-ending monthly hassle. But fret not! Next time you have an electricity bill payment due, turn to MobiKwik and shell out less for online light bill payment.


Kill the Bill

Pay current bill online in a a simple and cost-effective shortcut with MobiKwik. Log in to the website/app with your credentials or register to create an online wallet. Click the electricity bills link to start the payment process (and it’s just one of the many uses of this digital wallet).

Choose your electricity service provider—for instance, if you have a UP electricity bill payment due, pick the relevant supplier. MobiKwik facilitates bill payments for major power suppliers across the country.

Next, provide your account information, verify the payment details and complete the payment, all in a matter of minutes. Not just your digital wallet, you can also complete the transaction via net banking and debit cards (from all major banks) safely.

We have saved the best benefits of your bijli bill payment online for last. It isn’t just simple, but paying your power bills online gives you a host of benefits, including discounts and SuperCash offers. Turn to online electricity bill payments and save even when you pay. Now, isn’t that just awesome!

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  1. Haresh Busha

    September 3, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Very very good


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