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Make Shagun wali Diwali with MobiKwik

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Diwali, for us, is a celebration in many forms. It’s the time when we get together as a family and share happiness in the form of gifts and shaguns. But for some, Diwali is not with the family because they are at the border protecting our nation. For some people with jobs, happiness is waiting for the bonus just before Diwali so that they can give gifts to their loved ones. We, at MobiKwik, think that a wallet can solve these and many such problems. An online wallet is a gateway to a million possibilities. And we are striving to become your gateway of happiness to those million possibilities.

This Diwali, we’ll take care of your Shagun. Here’s how-

  • Use your MobiKwik wallet to transfer a minimum Rs.101 shagun to your loved ones
  • Lucky users win 100% cashback daily!
  • Details: http://bit.ly/ShagunWithMBK


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