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Checkout @ Big Bazaar: Faster Than Cooking Instant Noodles

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Are you at a serpentine checkout line at your favorite grocery store? Worried about the melting ice cream in your cart that you’re sure is going to mess the place in a second? Or are you simply irritated with all those kids crying and you want to tear your hair out in frustration?

If you’ve been in any of the above situations, the chances are that you need to change your grocery shopping mall or opt for a more convenient process of shopping. There are times when we indeed wish that the checkout line at Big Bazaar was as fast as cooking instant noodles.

The checkout line should have been faster than cooking instant noodles. If you’ve indeed wished for a faster checkout line, then yes there is a superhero that will rescue you.

MobiKwik to the Rescue

MobiKwik, India’s premier mobile wallet is the fastest aid to all your checkout line woes as well as a light in the long dark tunnel. Catering to around 50,000 offline as well as online avenues, Mobikwik is indeed a gem in the crown of monetary wallets.

With superior secure settings that are available across all mobile platforms, you can safely transact all your monetary transactions both in the virtual and the real universe.

How to use MobiKwik at Big Bazaar

Instead of searching in your bag for money or that solitary card, simply pay for all your Big Bazaar Purchases through the MobiKwik app. Simply, tell the executive your registered MobiKwik phone number, share your OTP and you can proceed with your grocery homes.

Shopping for you now is faster than cooking those soggy instant noodles.

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