Mammoth talktime with Idea special Punjab packs

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IDEA special Punjab packs are here to set the tune for some longer talks for all the IDEA users in the state.

While talking in our mobile phones, we often are more concerned about clock ticking away rather than the voice of the person we are talking to. Saving talktime for future use remains our sole aim while we dial a number to our loved ones. For a state like Punjab, even the talks over the phone need to be full of spirit and joyous feelings. That’s how the Punjabis are and that’s how we love to see them. With Idea special recharge packs for Punjab, it will contribute to the larger-than-life spirit of the Punjabis.

The three recharge packs provide huge talktime minutes for that extra flavor of happiness that most of the Punjabis in this country and around the world share with other. The Idea Punjab special pack of Rs. 109 provides 750 minutes of free talktime for all Idea to Idea calls for 30 days. Its time to concentrate on what your wife, girlfriend, father, mother and other loved ones are saying on the phone rather than keeping an eye on the clock. The other Idea Punjab special pack of Rs. 148 provides 1500 minutes of free talktime for all Idea to Idea calls for 30 days. The people of Punjab are not the ones who are satisfied with tiny things in life, thus these talktime packages can’t get better than this for the Punjabis. Finally, the Idea Punjab special pack of Rs. 150 provides 3000 minutes of free talktime including local Idea to Idea and STD calls for 30 days. What an IDEA for the people of Punjab!

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