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Suitable GPRS packs for IDEA Bihar and Jharkhand users

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IDEA has introduced four different GPRS packs for the IDEA users in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Today, internet has turned out to be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. Can you imagine your life without surfing the internet even for once? Well, that’s not possible, and if it is, you must be in your pre-historic times. Internet has weaved itself quite nicely in the human lives. As human preferences differ ghastly with each other, the internet usage preferences also differ from one individual to the other. In order to meet such varying preferences, IDEA has come up with some flexile GPRS packs for its users in Bihar and Jharkhand. All these internet packs are designed in order to fulfill different levels of GPRS usage.

Basically, there are four IDEA GPRS packs. Idea Rs. 5 GPRS pack gives you 50 MB of free data usage for one day. This GPRS pack is more suitable for emergency situations where you might need to check your mails immediately. The Idea  Rs. 14 GPRS pack gives you a free data usage of 200 MB for 3 days. This pack is also helpful for emergency situations and as well as for more. Look for what you want keeping in mind the limit of 200 MB. Idea Rs. 28 GPRS pack provides you with 500 MB free data usage for 5 days. This pack is more suitable for people who are a little net savvy. Finally, with the Idea Rs. 98 GPRS pack, you can subscribe unlimited GPRS for a month up to 2.5 GB of free data usage. With such a wide variety of IDEA’s GPRS packs, you can always choose for the most suitable one according to your own personal GPRS requirement.

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