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After establishing the fact that sharing your OTP, bank and account details has pretty dangerous consequences, we have a new fact for you. Fraudsters do not necessarily need your details to actually steal from you. All they need is your mobile number and BAAM!! If not careful, you stand to lose all the money in your bank account. 

‘Request Money’ Fraud currently is on the rise. But don’t worry! We are going to provide you with all the important points with the help of which you can save yourself. 

Read the following information carefully and secure yourselves against Request Money Fraud. 

What is Request Money?

The ‘Request’ feature in your MobiKwik app allows other MobiKwik users to request money from you. The amount requested and the reason is pre- mentioned by the requester.

Sending a Money Request on MobiKwik

You only have to click on ‘Make Payment’ to pay. The amount will be deducted from your account and transferred to requester’s account.

You can also reject the money request by simply clicking on ‘Reject Request’. This will nullify their request and the money will not be deducted from your bank account.

How does Request Money Fraud happen?

There are thousands of scenarios that can take place but we’ll give you an insight into a few. 

  • Fraudsters can find your number listed on websites like OLX, Quikr, etc. They might position themselves as a potential buyer for your listed materials. They could pose as somebody with high authority and power like a Police or Army officer. They tend to build a buyer-seller relationship and gradually a little more personal relationship with you in order to gain your trust. 

They will then send you a ‘Money Request’ of the decided upon cost on the MobiKwik app. It will most probably happen during a phone call, in order to divert and distract you from noticing any discrepancy. Their ‘money request ‘will ask you to click on ‘Make Payment’ in order to receive money.

You never have to click on Make Payment or enter your UPI pin to receive money on MobiKwik. 

  • Fraudsters can also pose as representatives of the brands like Myntra, Uber, Amazon etc. In this case, the person would probably call you congratulating you on winning a contest or a lucky draw and they would like to send your prize money in a third party wallet like MobiKwik. 

Always remember, no brand will call you up and transfer you, your winning prize in a third party wallet.

  • Another scenario can be when fraudsters pretend to be MobiKwik customer support representatives. In such a scenario, scammers circulate fake MobiKwik Helpline numbers on social media networks and contact those who have posted their wallet details publicly, requesting MobiKwik support. They claim to solve their problems related to money transfer or MobiKwik app troubles. 

They will send you a “money request” to solve your pending/ faulty transaction. In the request, you will be asked to click on “Make Payment” and then enter your UPI pin.

Please make a note that MobiKwik will never send you a money request where in you have to click on Make Payment or enter your UPI pin. Also MobiKwik will never post a list of helpline numbers on social media.

P.S.- Never share your Aadhar Number for unreliable and unofficial transactions on online marketplaces.

In case of payment/ app or any other issues, you can reach our customer support i.e. @MobikwikSWAT. The links are mentioned below for your reference. 




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