MID-WEEK PUNCH- Savings Ka Punch!

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Aren’t Monday blues too damn overrated? It’s high time that we address the equally irky, “Week Long Woes” !! To take your mind off the troubles and bring you a Big-Fat-Smile in the middle of a tiring week, MobiKwik brings you the Mid-Week Punch!

You can now use 5% of your SuperCash on the selected merchants, irrespective of whether you have earned SuperCash on that merchant or not, every Wednesday.

Or should we call it WednesYAYY!?

Now earn SuperCash on bill payments, recharges and more and spend it on some mouth-watering food orders, sassy fashion apparels, flight bookings for a quiet and peaceful vacation and what not!  

Get ready for #SelfTherapy every wednesday!

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