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Expense Manager – A smart manager!

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Working hard or working smart? Well, the latter is gonna take you places! It’s time you learn to sit back and chill and let your smartphone manage the mundane and tedious tasks!

You toil all week and all you need is someone to manage the little things you can’t make time for. Is it too much to ask for? We don’t think so! MobiKwik’s Expense Manager will keep your expenses’ record intact and your mind at peace.

Gone are the days when you’d ponder over where your money went, list down the expenses you remember, and fret over the ones you don’t. Expense Manager on MobiKwik keeps a log of all your transactions and spending on a daily, monthly and weekly basis.

On your MobiKwik App, tap on Expense Manager and go to ‘One passbook for all expenses’. All your previous transactions and orders will reflect in the Expense Manager record. As if this was not #WoW enough, the Expense Manager also provides you with customized tips, tricks and advice relating to your investments, savings and more.

So don’t think twice before making your transactions! Get going with the crucial things and leave your expense management to us!

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