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MobiKwik – Helping you to battle the pandemic!

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Your safety is our priority, therefore we aim to help everyone survive this battle together with our support. We want to assure you that MobiKwik is making every effort in terms of convenience, efficiency, and security to be there for you in this time of crisis. We being a digital payments app can help you in various ways. 

Available 24×7: Reach out to us anytime! Our team is always there to assist you & resolve your concerns. MobiKwik support team is actively working 24hrs to serve you at all and, at any point in time. Be it a payment, transfer, credit or any other issue we will promptly address all your queries and fix them for you in the shortest span. 

Pay for essentials online: The need of the hour demands staying home in order to stay safe. But we understand your day to day basic requirements should be met in the safest possible ways. Thus, buy your grocery, medicines, food and other essentials online and make contactless payments via MobiKwik safely. With a broad merchant base with about 1 Lakh+ brand, we help you serve better for everything and anything in one app, from the comfort of your home. 

Contactless transactions: Everyone needs to take precautionary measures since Covid-19 has dawned its havoc on the world. But, in case you need to step out and make an urgent payment, we become your shield to reduce the risk of virus transmission by quick cashless & contactless transactions. So just scan the QR code and get going, your safety is just a scan away! 

Guaranteed savings: Who would deny savings? And in this situation, each bit matters. We give you various ways to save each time you transact with our discounts, cashback and SuperCash offers. You can use the amount further to transact on your next payment, thus helping you ease a little financially. We not only take care of your safety but also your savings. 

Credit in time of need: We understand that in these tough times your budget can be a little messed up. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! With our recently launched product ZIP, you can get a credit up to Rs 30,000 at zero cost. So don’t keep those expenses hanging, just use this amount to settle your payments right now and pay us back later. 

Lastly, we all know India needs our help in these tough times. Therefore, we have curated a list of verified organisations which are accepting donations as part of Covid relief. Feel free to donate, every contribution matters. 

Stay home, Stay strong & Stay safe! We’re always here for you 🙂

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