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MobiKwik wishes you a very Happy HOLI !

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mhHoli is not only one of the most colorful festivals in the country but also the most sought after one. From being Bollywood’s favorite festival to being a festival everyone loves, Holi acts as a thread that connects everyone. The verve that Holi brings with it is unmatchable. From funny Holi jokes to Friends and Family drenched in colors and water, the festival surely acts as a stress buster taking away everyone from the busy everyday life and gives them the opportunity to live the kid in them again.

Yes, Holi surely is a stress buster. Here is why:

  • You celebrate with Friends, Family and Colleagues alike; forgetting all differences for a day.
  • You completely act like a kid; forgetting what anyone might think of you.
  • You eat as many sweets (Gujiya) as you want; forgetting weight issues and size zero dreams.
  • You dress as shabbily as it comforts; forgetting societal dressing norms
  • You can sleep for as long as you wish (after party ofcourse)

Mobikwik wishes everyone a very Happy, Colorful and Safe Holi. Celebrate the festival with your loved ones.

Before you set out to start your Part 2 of the Holi Celebrations, here is a list of Holi Special Songs that you might just need.

  • Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali
  • Holi Khele Raghuveera
  • Ang se ang lagana
  • Do me a favor, let’s play Holi
  • Balam Pichkari jo tune mujhe maari




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