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The Mobikwik Wallet: An Everyday Friend

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Mobikwik Wallet

 “Alright, So, I ran out of internet in the middle of the night and I need to have it back right now, what should I do? Shall I ring the door of the fussy neighbor and ask for his wifi’s password…naah not even worth trying. So…”

Have you ever been stuck in a similar situation? If you have been stuck in a similar situation where you don’t have the internet and you have to recharge your phone or data card or DTH or pay your bills, then here is a life saver for you; The “Mobikwik Wallet”!

Mobikwik wallet is a boon for recharging on the go. You can recharge by calling or even by an SMS.  Mobikwik wallet is your own e-wallet with which you free yourself from all the hassles of poor timing, bad weather and the lengthy payment gateways. The best thing about it is that it’s secure! Many times due to bad internet connection, payment gateways are not able to complete your transaction and you are left hanging in between without an action.  But, with the Mobikwik Wallet, may it be an SMS or an online recharge, it becomes our responsibility to get it done ASAP, and we are really swift at it, mind it!

Creating a Mobikwik Wallet is very easy! Just register once, add the money to your mobikwik wallet and you are ready! So, the next time you run out of balance, wherever you are, whenever it is, you know how to recharge and keep rocking the world!

The best part about the entire thing is that it is a very easy process. The Mobikwik Wallet in true sense is your 4 am friend; always there for you and with you making your life easier.

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