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Mobile Jukebox : Music Everywhere

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How do you listen to music ? Use Jumbo Vacuum Tube Radio at home ? Use phonogram ? Use Cassette player ? Call your private music band ? Sing yourself, perhaps in bathroom ? Or simply use Music Player in mobile ? Music is a non separable part of our lives. No matter what kind of music one listens, it’s hard to find a person, who doesn’t listen to music.

Before moving to music on mobile, we should know about digital music. Cassette was a popular music media, over years. But with complicated mechanism and less life, there was need of a revolutionary thing. Digital music was the answer. Music file is encoded and decoded to play. MP3 is a popular example of digital encoded music file. It offers loss less playability and quality. So we’ve forgotten cassettes ! Tiny MP3 Players and iPods became popular.

But why one would like to carry two things, one to listen music and another to stay connected ? So we integrated the Music player in mobile. Today, even low budget Multimedia phone offers upto 4GB of expandable memory. 4GB is enough to hold about 1500 MP3 songs.

Music phones, like Sony Ericsson Walkman and Nokia Xpress Music are popular for crispy music quality. With Headphone, you could listen to song anywhere, respecting your and others privacy. FM Radio got into mobile phones, and became popular among budget conscious people.

Before we could listen to music, we need to get it. You could buy a CD or download on PC and transfer to phone. Or directly download on mobile phone, using Data Connection or WiFi. Or subscribe to operator’s service.

Let’s see things, one by one ! In fact, music is property of studio or company releasing it. In United States, people BUY music by paying certain amount per album or so, called Legal Music. Otherwise they buy physical media, as like CD. But most Indians are really not aware about it. I believe, about 80% of us think that songs are free. Songs available for free are called Pirated songs. Piracy is a great threat to music industry since years. It’s as good as robbery, digital one ! It’s always beneficial to buy CD or pay to authenticate site of music.

What about direct download on mobile ? We have handsets having capability of talking with internet cloud. So instead of using a PC in between, we can directly get songs on mobile. Another way to listen samples or free podcast is Streaming. Streaming uses internet as channel to stream content on remote device. Streaming offers live news and radio stations.

Next is subscription service. It is usually offered by a mobile operator like Vodafone. You need to pay certain price per song or month. Then you could download that song. Or call specific number and listen to song.

That’s not all over. Mobile music has brighter future. 3G and WiFi will ensure even richer music experience. Music phones are being popular day by day. Podcasts, live streamings and many more. For brighter future, Music needs our help as well. We must stop spreading piracy and buy music !

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