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Good news for MTS users! Now you can recharge your MBlaze prepaid connection at MBlaze is an EVDO data card which has become very popular in India due to the blazing speed it offers ( 3.1 Mbps) for data connectivity.

We have also moved away from PIN-based MTS topups to completely flexi PINless topups for MTS. These can currently be seen at our search topup page. All the MBlaze recharge packs are available at our search packs page.

Some sample denominations available are :

MBlazer 898 Data Pack 898.0 Get 6 GB of Data Access with a validity of 30 days with MBlaze898 Pack
Blazer Unlimited 999# 999.0 Get unlimited Data Access with a validity of 30 days with MBlazerUnlimited999 Pack. Speeds upto 3.1Mbps till 12GB of usage, beyond 12GB speeds will be optimized to CDMA 1x( upto 144Kbps )
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