Tata Docomo Super SMS Pack for Andhra Pradesh

Tata Docomo Launches it’s Super SMS pack for Andhra Pradesh users. Mobile telephony has been spreading at an alarming rate in India. Since its inception the process has been slow

Aircel enters the Granary of India -Punjab, with its Special packs

Punjab is one of the most productive and thriving states in the production of food grain in the country. Wheat, the staple diet of the entire country is produced on

A Cakewalk In To Gujarat – The all new idea GPRS pack

Gujarat is one of the most flourishing and prosperous states in the country with its widespread industries across the state. Besides being a commercial hub, it is one of the

An Idea Will Change The Lives of Andhraites

It is simply beyond belief! Andhra Pradesh would soon face a sea change in the next few days. Another IT hub of a similar kind as Karnataka is Andhra Pradesh.

A Giant Walks in to the Gir Lion’s Den

It is indeed a big step to walk in to a lion’s lair and a giant has done so. Gujarat has always been considered to be an industrial and commercial

Tata Docomo Chennai GPRS packs for people on the go!

No matter, whether you’re a teenager, or hi end corporate executive if you want to stay connected to the net Tata Docomo offers some exciting Chennai GPRS packs to you.

Vodafone Karnataka SMS pack worth Rs.52/- only

Continuing to expand horizons by offering you to spend less and talk more, Vodafone, stands out in the post and prepaid plans it has presented till now. Already identified as

MTS Makes A Thrust In The Commercial Capital

Mumbai serves as the commercial hub for the entire country. Mumbai has a plethora of industries, commercial establishments, business enterprises and both small and large business corporate houses. Mumbai, a

MTS leaves its footprints in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat follows the footsteps of Mumbai, in forging ahead in industrial and commercial activity. One of the most famous industrial houses and other reputed corporate establishments have

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