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PAYBACK Points- We are paying you back!!

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Everyday you have something new to spend on, be it mobile recharges or filling up your petrol tanks.  Also, did you forget about the utility bills and grocery shopping? It could also be that seasonal shopping or your upcoming “first kiss anniversary”. Waiting for those Steve Madden booties to go on discount? Well guess what, the more you spend via MobiKwik, the more PAYBACK rewards you earn.

PAYBACK, when we speak in layman language, is basically a form of points that the merchant is awarding you as rewards for using their platform to cater your personal needs. The merchant is thankful and grateful that you used their platform. Also, a little hopeful that with this they have your loyalty.

Spending on mobile recharges, buying groceries, booking Ola/Uber rides or booking movie tickets via MobiKwik merchant partners has never been this rewarding. Earning while spending has always been everybody’s dream and we at MobiKwik believe in making your dreams come true!

MobiKwik is the only platform that enables you to convert your PAYBACK points into real time cash. You get Re. 1 for every 4 PAYBACK points. The newly converted money from the PAYBACK rewards can be accessed through your MobiKwik wallet. So now, you can use your “hard earned reward points” for your subsequent transactions.

So what are you waiting for? You just have to do what you are good at! Spending money!

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