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Phone Backup Services

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Mobile phone isn’t a simple device which connects you to word. Today it holds important data as well. In case if you lost your phone or heavy rain showers on it, you do lost data too. At times, data could even get corrupted. You really don’t need to worry, if you take regular Backup !

Let’s talk about Data on mobile. Basically it holds Contacts, SMS (or Texts), Notes, Memos and Calender Entries. Not that’s all, your music files, videos, captured images, emails and settings also come under data items. In short all these data items are called as User Data.

Disasters happen. In case you loose data anyway, it becomes a big pain. It is really not easy to recover all contacts, SMS and your media files. Backup eliminates risk of loosing data. Backup, in general, is a copy of user data items. It is advisable to backup phone frequently and live risk free. In case you loose data, all you need to do is retrieve backup, and within no time you get all your data back !

For a mobile phone, various backup options are available. Let’s see them one by one:

1.Phone Native Backup

This kind of backup is integrated feature of Phone. Some phones have capability to generate backup on Memory Card. Others require a PC Suite and connectivity to PC for backing up data. Backup file created in encrypted and highly compressed. If someone loses data, he needs to select Restore from Memory card option, for Memory Card Backup. For PC Backup, connect phone to PC, select backup file and restore. Memory Card backup usually supports Contacts only. PC Backup supports all user data.

2.Operator Backup

Operators provide Backup solutions as a Value Added Service. For most of the operators, this feature is SMS based. It supports Contacts only. Subscriber needs to pay certain rent to avail the service. Once subscribing to it, all contacts are sent to server by SMS. At any time, user can recover those by SMS only.

Some of the Operators having better Data connectivity provide Internet Based backups. Those are no different than discussed below.

3. Third Party Backup Services

Various service providers avail us Internet Based backup services for Phone. It is usually known as Synchronization. It uses a protocol called SyncML to synchronize data like Contacts, Notes & Texts with Server. Handset needs to have support to that protocol. Synchronization needs a Data connection with server. This type of backup is perhaps fail proof. Because data remains in cloud and there is no risk of deleting backup files. Synchronization is great for those using more than one phone. It helps to keep data on both phones identical all the times.

Operators make a contract with Third Party Backup providers and avail an user VAS of Backup. Offcourse many of such services are open for users directly. Certain charge a fee per month or per synchronization. Soocial, Google Sync, Mobical are some of the SyncML service providers.

4.Other ways to Backup

Some users prefer their own ways to backup. Contacts can be copied to PC as Visiting Card File(VCF) or Comma Separated Values(CSV). You may copy media files on PC time to time. Making a hard copy of important contacts is easy solution too.

Backing up is a nice habit. Data is precious. Choose any of the method suitable for you and be safe !

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