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Probable reasons why you are not doing your KYC

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As per RBI guidelines, it was made mandatory to get your KYC done to use e-wallet and all its services. Though you can still use the wallet, but you won’t be able to use certain services like Add money, P2P transfers, bank transfers, etc. We know that a lot of you have already got your MobiKwik KYC done, but for those who haven’t done it yet, we came up with a list of probable reasons that why you haven’t done it yet. Have a look.


#Reason 1: You are way too busy

We get it. You have a lot of work to do. From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, you are busy all day. You have to take care of your home, then your office, catch-up on the TV series you are currently binging on, party with your friends, cook or order food, so on and so forth. Amidst all of it, it’s very difficult to take out a minute to fill in your details, we totally understand.


But in case you do take out a minute, you will get rid of the KYC notification which you have to cross every time you open your e-wallet and will be able to make all the transactions without a hustle unless you love adding beneficiaries to your bank account or take out your card everytime to make a transaction. Think about it, just a minute is all it takes!

#Reason 2: You love meeting new people

The queue at an ATM is your favourite past time. You love meeting new people, interacting with them and what can be a better way to do that than queuing at an ATM waiting for your turn. Well, you can try different ways like getting your KYC done and going to a new place. Dine-out or take a solo trip or just go to a different bar on Friday night and get amazing discounts via MobiKwik, buy one or two more drinks or food, but why bother, when you can make awesome people at an ATM queue, isn’t it?


#Reason 3: You are not number-friendly

Those 12 digits Aadhaar card are like a pain for you. You just can’t remember them. And it’s seriously a task to take your card out and fill in the details. But what’s the point when you can totally keep your debit/credit card handy and keep on applying multiple pins, because you remember them so well or carry cash all time around. Ah yes, you get gifts (toffees) from your own change to transact via card or cash. And you just love gifts, right? So, how about getting your KYC done and enjoying super offers on every transaction plus the SuperCash you get for your KYC completion process.


#Reason 4: You hate freebies

You get ₹250 SuperCash to just get your KYC done. But you are someone who doesn’t believe in freebies, so you won’t mind paying 2-3% extra while using your cards for transaction. Oh, yes and the discounts you get every time you transact through MobiKwik, who needs that too right? You are too rich already!


We hope we have covered all your reasons for not getting your KYC done. In case, we missed something, feel free to reach us and let us know. Meanwhile, you can just take out your Aadhar card, fill in your details and get your KYC done. Enjoy uninterrupted services and save on every transaction. It’s quite simple, really!

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