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Recharge over an SMS with Mobikwik

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*beep* *vibrate-vibrate* “1 Message received” Don’t we miss this thing on our phones? Not the spam ones ofcourse, but still. The IM services have taken over SMS services completely. It is the season of pinging. But, what happens when you run out of internet. It is like a full power crowded circus suddenly transformed into ghostly, silent & spooky cemetery. The infotainment device becomes a brick.


When we’re out of internet, the only way we can convey a message is by an SMS. Mobikwik felt that if our consumer is out of internet and he requires a recharge, how will he roll? So, they put their heads together (not literally though) and brainstormed and thus finally came to an idea by which was revolutionary.

Mobikwik proudly presents “RECHARGE VIA SMS” feature.  Yes, we understand that there are at times when you run out of internet and you need to recharge your phone or when there is no laptop/pc or any other smart device available to you or is in your vicinity, how will you recharge? So, for this situation we came up with this idea in which you can recharge your phone over SMS. YES, SMS! All you need to do is park money in your Mobikwik Wallet and just SMS to Mobikwik to recharge. Simple, quick and a lifesaver! Recharge your phone on the go, in a train, on a trip, or even from the high mountains of Himalaya. If you have the network, you can recharge over SMS!

The recharging is not only confined to recharging prepaid mobile connections. You can also recharge your DTH account and your data cards also over SMS. So, the next time you go off the internet and you are in a need of recharging your phone, all you have to do is take out your phone, send a message to Mobikwik and .. *beep* *vibrate-vibrate* “1 Message received”

Happy Recharging!


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