Reliance CDMA SMS Packs For Mumbai

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Reliance CDMA  launched two SMS packs for Mumbai users.

Mumbai is known for its hustle bustle and the fact that it is the most populous city of India. This technologically advanced city is also surrounded by other urban areas that make it more culturally rich. The young population are all mobile phone users. Not just from the surrounding areas, the city also attracts people from other states as it offer opportunities for higher standard of living.

Reliance CDMA Rs.14 SMS pack offers all local/national SMS at 5p/SMS only, to its network users. The user has to recharge their phone with just Rs 14 and can enjoy reduced SMS rates. The scheme is valid for full 30 days after which the reliance customer can again get his phone recharged.

A similar pack, Reliance CDMA Rs.39 SMS pack offers all local/national SMS at 1p/SMS. This special pack is ideal for people who are addicted to messaging and prefer to text rather than calling. By recharging Rs 39 they just have to pay 1p/SMS for full 30 days. Both the packs include local and national SMS for their users. Users don’t have to worry about the timings as Reliance special packs do not have any time restrictions. Whether day or night, these two special packs can be utilized at any hour and to any other connection as well. Same 5p/SMS and 1p/SMS rates will be applicable without any changes.

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  1. WordPress Guru

    November 26, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    I may go for it but only after getting positive feedback from real users.


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