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Reliance CDMA unlimited calling Packs For West Bengal

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Reliance has launched special CDMA unlimited calling packs in West Bengal to give a fresh feel to Reliance network users .

West Bengal is a state that lies in the eastern region of the country and is a major agricultural contributor. The state has a population of over 91 million and also borders vital neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Other reasons that make West Bengal special are its contact with states like Jharkhand, Orissa, Sikkim, Bihar and Assam. Due to these reasons, Reliance has made sure that its users in West Bengal and its capital Kolkata are benefitted from the special packs.

The first pack is: Reliance CDMA Rs.31 Special pack that offers free unlimited local calls to any network for 2 days. This provides special opportunity to people who want to talk to their relatives and friends for long hours. The user has to simply recharge his cell phone with Rs.31 and enjoy unlimited local calls to other mobile networks without paying a single extra penny.  The second pack is Reliance CDMA Rs.89 Special pack which provides free unlimited local calls to any network for 7 days. This pack is valid for a whole week and users can make free calls to any connection for full seven days. Reliance CDMA special calling packs run 24×7 and can be used at any hour of the day. The first pack of Rs. 31 has 2 day validity in which the user can make unlimited local calls to his friends and family.

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