Save Big In Maharashtra and Goa With Tata Docomo’s GPRS Pack!

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Tata Docomo all-new GPRS Pack for the metropolis areas of Maharashtra and Goa are truly the need of the hour in today’s dynamic communication platform. With online communication raking up higher shares in everyday communication, it is important for people to be connected, wherever they go. Moreover, at a time when people want better quality of internet access spread across a longer timescale, Tata Docomo’s deals will surely come as godsends.

For this reason, Tata Docomo has come up with three wide-ranging deals to benefit its customers with high-speed internet access across a broadened time frame. First, we have Tata Docomo’s GPRS pack for Rs. 15, which will provide end-to-end internet access to its user for the duration of 3 days. The unlimited internet access offered here will serve well to store, share, communicate and indulge in information, videos, social networking etc. Next, we have the Tata Docomo GPRS pack for Rs. 48, which provides a whopping 1 GB internet access for the time space of 1 month. Charged at a nominal rate, this package is affordable and provides benefits beyond its price tag. Finally, there is the Tata Docomo pack for Rs94, which gives  1 GB Free  internet  to users  every month for the total duration of 12 months. However, it should be noted that these offers are not valid in Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for? Invest small and earn big, that’s the operative catchphrase nowadays!

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