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With Tata Docomo ISD Calling Packs, Staying Connected Was Never Easier!

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Tata Docomo has come up with a new ISD scheme which will enable people to stay connected with friends, family and relatives who are staying abroad. This latest scheme involves callers staying in Maharashtra and Goa and is preclusive to countries in the Gulf, US and Canada. Basically, if you’re staying in Goa and wish to call up near and dear ones staying in the Gulf, US or Canada and wish to connect with them without worrying about monster bills, you can avail of these calling packs and talk more, spend less.

So, moving on to the main event, first off, you have the Tata Docomo Rs. 28 calling pack, which provides the user with a charge rate of 12 paise per second for all calls made to the Gulf. So, if you have an uncle staying in Saudi Arabia or one of those nations, you no longer need to keep looking at the call duration to ascertain how much dough you’ll be shelling out! Keep talking, no worries! Secondly, there is the Tata Docomo Rs. 59 calling pack, which facilitates ISD calls to countries like US and Canada at the unbelievably cheap rate of 1 paise per second. And yes, we’re serious! To add the cherry on the cake, you can also use the Tata Docomo Rs. 205 calling pack, which, apart from giving the usual rate of 1 paise per second, also provides a healthy talktime of Rs. 145. What more could you want?

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