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Lets look at 3 scenarios that I could think of that describe your situation when you may need mobile recharges.

Scenario 1 –

You roughly know how much you recharge for every month. But its a drag since you still need to come online or go to a shop or do something to get the same stuff every month or week.

Scenario 2 –

You are going to travel for some time and it would be hard for you to get recharge from a shop or internet connectivity. Or maybe you wont have the time since you are busy shooting ( with a camera) wild animals or living in a tree house in central India or attending a conference while on roaming.

Scenario 3 –

Your old mother or grandmother needs Rs 100 recharge every week but even though you can use mobikwik to recharge for her ( as an Add-On number) , you sometimes forget and she sometimes has no balance to call you that she’s already low on balance.

In all these scenarios, the ideal solution would be to have recharges scheduled for future dates. And this is what Mobikwik has brought for you.

Here is how Schedule a Recharge works!

Go to Kwik Recharge tab on the header and it will show you the schedule recharge page.

1) You can schedule recharges for as primary and add-on numbers.

2) Mobikwik will send you an SMS reminder 1,2 or 3 days before recharge .

3) You can cancel scheduled recharges at any time.

4) Ofcourse, your mobikwik balance needs to be sufficient to support the recharge.

Schedule mobile recharge on

Schedule mobile recharge on

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