SuperCash: Stronger than Ever

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It’s that month of the year when you can feel love everywhere around you. Right from the weather to decorated markets, the entire town is painted in red. So, we thought of adding more love to it. Now, you can use SuperCash to get discounts on recharge and bill category as well. Yes, you can consume 5% of your SuperCash balance on a minimum transaction of Rs. 100, sounds awesome, isn’t it? Start now!

SuperCash is a super cool way to save on every transaction you make using your mobile wallet. Wondering how SuperCash works? It’s quite simple actually. While you make payments, an amount of SuperCash (depending on the offer) gets credited to your wallet. Now the next time you do any payment – at local stores, mobile recharges & bill payments, electricity& water bill payments, petrol, online shopping or travel bookings – you can use 10% to 20% of your earned SuperCash. So, every time you spend, you automatically get discounts without doing anything. SuperCash is automatically deducted from your total amount which means you save every time. And who doesn’t love savings!

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