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Mobile Wallet

MobiKwik Annual Report FY2020: The Indian Dream

Prologue Once upon a time, a young woman visited India for vacation. Whilst enjoying her trip, one day she got very frustrated spending hours booking a train ticket. She got

Lightest wallet

Why A Light Pocket Doesn’t Always Mean No Money

How many things do we carry in our pockets daily? A set of keys, mobile phones, and the omnipresent: wallet; carrier of our memories, identification, and earnings. What would happen

MobiKwik, Live life, More Fully

How MobiKwik can Help You Live More Fully

There are many kinds of purchases that we need to make even on a daily basis. From the milkman to the mail carrier and the monthly rent, we are always

UPI Vs Mobile Wallet, A myth!

UPI vs Mobile Wallets? Here’s why everyone has got this wrong

The emergence of UPI infrastructure provides mobile wallet companies a brilliant opportunity to add more users. By Upasana Taku  A lot of people are confusing Unified Payments Interface (UPI) with