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Tata Indicom: Transcending Boundaries to Bring the World Closer

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Tata Indicom, a leading telecommunications company in India has launched special packages for their customers in Jharkhand and Bihar. Aimed at cutting costs involved in ISD calls, this pack promises deals that make international calling as inexpensive an affair as local calls. In fact, to be precise, it might actually be cheaper than calling on home network!

Charging all calls to US and Canada on a per second pulse at 1 paisa, this is really a deal that is sending competitors running for their money. Given the popularity of Tata Indicom in these states, it is not surprising that this plan is being lapped up by the community. Costing only Rs. 49, this is a great bargain with the special call rates being valid for 30 days after which, the pack needs to be refreshed. While this special recharge voucher does not add any talk time or validity to your Tata Indicom account, it applies the reduced rates for international calls to mobiles and landlines in the countries mentioned.

Thanks to all the technological advancements and engineering, the world is a much smaller place.  There is no part of the planet totally out of your reach. At the click of a mouse or press of a call button, you can talk to anyone in any nook or corner. Aside from personal relationships, professions have also benefited in huge ways from all these developments.

To begin with, all these facilities were restricted for use by the elite section of society. However, as the white coats in labs around have made groundbreaking discoveries and inventions, the communication matrix has only grown and become more affordable than ever.

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