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When Zoozoos Decided to Tune up the Happiness

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Vodafone users in Jammu and Kashmir are in for a fest of sorts with all the new plans and special offers in store for them. This service provider has stood by its people in difficult circumstances, maintaining call quality and signal strength even at various elevations above the sea level that the most beautiful state in India is famous for.
Free local and/or STD minutes flow easily with various plans from Vodafone for Jammu and Kashmir. At the cost of Rs. 51, the customers are given access to 6000 local and/ or STD minutes which are valid for use within 15 days. A recharge of Rs. 24 provides customers with 2500 minutes on calls valid for a week.
The zoo zoos smile graciously upon the dwellers of heaven on earth as they announce an extremely special offer cutting local call costs down to 0.5 paisa per second upon recharging your account with RS. 68 Rupees, the reduced call rates remaining active for 90 days. Another plan at your disposal is that valid for 30 days at a cost of 28 Rs.
The best of all offers comes in the form of a Rs. 19 plan which is for immediate use, tariffs reducing to 0.5 paisa per second for local calls to other networks and free calls to Vodafone numbers. Also at par is the 29 Rupees recharge which provides customers with free 12000 local Vodafone to Vodafone seconds.
“Life is Now”, sing and say the Zoozoos and before they trot along to their playful mischief, they give the “power to you”.

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