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To gift or not to gift? That’s not even a question on Karva Chauth!

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India could well be called the land of festivals. The amalgamation of difference cultures, languages and religions ensures that there is a festival being celebrated in some part of India almost every week. One such popular festival is Karva Chauth, which is a celebration of a husband-wife relationship. A day when women keep fast for their husband’s longevity, peace and prosperity and in today’s generation, husbands reciprocate the love by keeping fast for their wives as well. Karva Chauth like any other festival is incomplete without gifting. Confused about what to gift your spouse this Karva Chauth? Here are a few ideas.




There’s nothing that shopping can’t fix

All festivals call for shopping, especially when it’s a festival for women. And all the men out there, we know you’ll never admit it, but you guys love shopping too. This Karva Chauth go on a shopping trail with your spouse and gift each other the things they love the most. We have some amazing offers running at our retail partners so that you can save on your gifts.









All that glitters is a special gift

Women just love jewellery and who knows it better than men? Gift her something to show off and she won’t stop going crazy about it. If you women are wondering that gifting jewellery to your husband won’t be a good idea, how about gifting him digital gold. Buy gold on MobiKwik app and invest in your future, he will love you even more.







Surprise, Surprise!

Imagine the doorbell rings and there’s a delivery guy with a surprise gift for your spouse. Imagine the smile on you partner’s face, that smile will be priceless. You can get her that dress she was eyeing for a long time or you can get him those shoes he just won’t stop talking about. All you have to do is place an order online and grab awesome discounts on MobiKwik.





Happiness is bursting bubble wraps


Nothing can replace the feeling of bursting bubble wrap while unpacking a new gadget. And when it’s a Karva Chauth gift from your partner, the happiness knows no boundaries. Go on, get her that speaker she wanted for some time now. And for him, well there’s a PS4 or a smartwatch. Guess what, our partners are running awesome offers on electronic gadgets and there’s additional discount from our side as well.

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