Maintain Budget on the plam of your hand

Ways to manage your budget on the palm of your hand

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Our Smartphones are now such an integral part of our lives, so why not use it to help you with your savings? Here’re a few ways you can keep a tab of what you’re spending on and what to cut down.

Switch to E-Wallets

As compared to trying to remember how much your electricity and grocery bills added up to, it is tons easier to just open an E-wallet and pay your bills via that.

They also allow you to buy bus tickets, air tickets, movie passes, transfer money and sometimes even give you promotional codes to avail discounts on your expenses.

E-wallets have become so popular that most major online shopping sites accept them as a mode of payment. MobiKwik and other Wallets are most widely accepted.

Keep A Digital Ledger

Often than not, we find ourselves overshooting budget because of unforeseen expenses like lending money to a friend and forgetting to get it back.

There are also apps for iOS and Android that lets you make groups and each member can see what they owe whom, no matter who made the entry. If that’s too complicated, a simple note on your phone will do, too.

Treat Yourself Within Limits

It really helps to get yourself the stuff you’ve been hoping to get every now and then – prioritizing what you need over what you want.

Maintain A Monthly Limit

An Electronic Wallet is great because of how widely it can be used and also because it comes with a monthly top-up limit.

This greatly aids the budgeting process, as you’ll choose to spend more wisely when you’re restricted.

It’s true that with all the attractive merchandise so easily available from the comfort of our chairs, saving a few bucks can be particularly hard.

Despite this, it’s very possible to budget yourself by exercising self-control and using your Smart Phone wisely. I myself rely on MobiKwik for a lot of my support.

So hang in there, you’re only a few impulsive buys away from your desired bank balance!

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  1. Sourabh

    August 11, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    This is very good blog.This improve our knowledge for this related area.These type of things fullfill our requirments in this modern age.21st Centuary is full of technology revolutions.


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