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What A Gas!

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With piped gas coming into our kitchens, the only gas we need to now worry about is the one building up in our stomachs! (For which you really should see a doctor.) Did you know that you can use your MobiKwik e-wallet to pay your piped gas bill anywhere in India? Whether it is Gujarat Gas online bill payment, Adani Gas bill payment, IGL online bill payment or Mahanagar Gas online payment—use your MobiKwik app for immediate super cashbacks and avail attractive offers!


You’re So Full Of Gas

There are so many advantages that piped natural gas gives us over LPG cylinders:

On Demand

Open the valve and start cooking. So convenient!


Never Run Out

No more frantic calls to the cylinder guys. Your supply runs 24×7!


Meter, Meter On The Wall

Pay only for what you use as the meter clocks your exact usage.


Big Savings

In most cities, piped natural gas is a much cheaper kitchen utility than an LPG cylinder.


No Safety Hassles

We read of tragedies and fires that result from improper storage and use of LPG cylinders. Leave those worries behind with piped natural gas.


Do Your Bit For The Environment

It’s a low pollution cooking medium, so give yourself some brownie points.


Better Fuel Efficiency

It’s one of the cleanest burning fuels, giving you more bang for your buck.


Online Bill Payments

Whip out your MobiKwik app and instantly pay your Gas Bill – Gujarat Gas bill, Adani Gas bill, IGL bill, or Mahangar Gas bill!

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