What can you possibly give someone who gave you life?

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She is a Sherlock Holmes for our missing things

She is a superwoman with invisible wings

She is a shining star

The best friend and a mentor by far

She is funny, she is strong

The woman we call mom


We all know mums are amazing. No matter what we do, they’ll always stand by us. But moms can be difficult too, especially when it comes to finding an ideal gift for them. Though there can’t be a perfect gift, even so, we’ve got some amazing gift ideas, to make your mom feel extra special on her day.


Since your childhood, she’s the one who has taken you for shopping. This Mother’s Day, why don’t you take her shopping and spoil her with all she wants. She might not show it, but she’ll love the gesture, especially looking at her child all grown-up.

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When was the last time your mom went out with just her friends? This is a perfect day to call her friends and arrange a lunch date with them. The happiness in her eyes on seeing her friends will be unmatched. Plus, you’ll get some brownie points among her friends. And guess what, you’ll get awesome discounts at your favourite restaurants with MobiKwik. So, what are waiting for?


Yes, she has been waiting for a new smartphone since long. But she’ll never show it to you, she’s your mom after all. Buy her a new phone or a laptop or a technology she has been looking for. It will please her for sure. But you know what will make her happier? You devoting your time in teaching her about the new gadget. That’s something you can’t miss. MobiKwik has some astounding offers running on Xiaomi, Samsung, why don’t you check them out?


You are not in the city, but you still want to make her day special? Order something for her and get it delivered to her. You will sense how touched she is by her voice when she calls you to thank you. We have a lot of deals running on our online shopping section, like Jabong, Myntra, Nyka for you to choose from!


The best thing you can gift her is your time. Just be there for her or take her out on a trip and give yourself to her for a day. Worried about money? You can get good discounts while booking your bus and hotels with MobiKwik. So, what’s stopping you now?

Let this 2nd Sunday of May be the best Mother’s Day for her! Show your gratitude and respect for her with the cutest and thoughtful gifts, that are as awesome and amazing as your mother.



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