Why mobikwik.com loves Australia …

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Its the business, stupid! Australians ( or should we say Indians in Australia) are the biggest overseas group who do prepaid mobile recharge through mobikwik.com for their friends and family in India. Those in the Middle East and Gulf come close, but they are second for now.  The reason overseas Indians are able to use online recharge from mobikwik.com is simple – we are the only service provider to support international cards and paypal!

Most of these Indian-Australians are students who have gone to Australia recently to study. After careful analysis, we discovered many of them landed on mobikwik.com after watching this video on youtube! No prizes for guessing what language they speak.

All we can say is “Aw Thanks Mate” 🙂

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  1. Anonymobot

    July 5, 2011 at 5:32 am

    My account is blocked from 6 days. I tried all ways to contact you, through ticket support form, mail, phone, etc. I tried all ways but you don't contact. You say to resolve ticket in 24 hours. What about me? I am trying it from 3 days. When are you going to listen to your customer's complains? And why you block any account? I want my answers. Kindly unblock my account. anonymobot@gmail.com


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