World’s Best Cloud Based Music Services

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Perhaps you have a fantastic music phone, with 4GB or so memory. How many songs it could hold ? May be 1000 ? You listen to songs 24×7, and get bored by repeat. You are out of your songs collection. You want to listen to something new and great. Where you can listen ? FM Radio is full of advertisements and crappy songs. Cloud Based Music Service could fulfill your need.

What is that thing ? Is that capable for my phone ? I know you can’t wait to know about it.

Cloud based music service uses technology of Streaming. Huge song database is stored at providers’ servers. Internet is used as streaming medium and your mobile phone as player. Pretty simple, right ? All you need is handset capable of streaming with good EDGE, preferably WiFi or 3G connectivity.

Those providers usually charge you certain fee per month or so. But if you are really music savvy, it’s worth for you. Next, you need to pay certain amount to your cellular operator for data charges. You could buy a data plan. That’s all, you are good to go. You could access thousands of songs and music clips right on your mobile. Even you could upload your music to some sites. Ratings, reviews and polls could help you to listen to great song. Linking to social networks will let your friends know, what you are listening to. Videos are supported by certain providers as well.

Let’s see which are top 6 cloud based music services.

1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is the service having great userbase. It is basically a community, where user runs the site. You could search tracks from huge database and even add your collection to cloud. It allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter account to spread the world.

2. Rhapsody

Rhapsody is the service owned by Real networks. Search for tracks is possible with Real player itself. iPhone and iPad has this service as default. Service allows you to download MP3 songs as well. Rhapsody charges 10$ per month, and available in US only, as of now.

3. Pandora Radio

Pandora is open source streaming service, popular in Linux users. They charge only 0.99$ per month. Unfortunately, it is limited to certain carriers in US only. iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm could stream it.

4. Spotify

Spotify has became popular in short time. It also has large music library with extra features.Spotify is popular for mobiles because it can be streamed on Android, S60, iPhone and others. Again, spotify is not available in India, as of now. It is available in certain UK countries.


With touch of integrated social networking, is popular. It has no restriction of country, good for us ! Mobile application is available for iPhone and iPad. Your profile on will show the World what you like to listen. You could visit others profile and checkout new tracks.

6. Napster

Napster is next in queue. It is not free, but allows you to download MP3 songs. You need to pay 5$ each month to avail service. With subscription, you can stream unlimited music and download certain no of tracks. Application is available for certain handsets, allowing direct download.

So next time when you feel sad about your limited music collection, consider a Cloud Based Music Service. With soon arrival of 3G, it might become popular in India as well. Perhaps we’ll get a service featuring Indian tracks !

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  1. Pandora Canada

    April 2, 2011 at 5:28 am

    Pandora saves your information with your account so you can access your music preferences from any device. If you love discovering new music this is the app for you.


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