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Worried about the pollution outside? What about the air quality inside your home?

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What you don’t see can hurt you and in case of air pollution you can actually see the smog that’s hurting you, especially in North India.  Air pollution is a major health risk which can pose a serious threat for the body in the long run. Though most of us take all the precautions to stay safe from outdoor pollution and our biggest chunk of time in a day is spent either in home or office instead of outdoors, we are not very concerned about the indoor air quality. Many of us are not aware of the fact that indoor air is also harmful and can cause serious health issues. It’s true that there’s no direct dirt coming inside our home,but such enclosed spaces have dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and many other air pollutants. The ventilation techniques that we use to make our homes comfortable also trap pollutants leading to indoor air pollution.


While there’s little that we can do to fight the air pollution outside, we can still keep our home pollution free with the help of air purifiers. The air purifiers remove indoor air pollutants to make the indoor environment clean. In addition to removing pollutants, air purifiers also remove bad odour from the indoor air and keep your home fresh. Air purifiers filter the allergens and pollutants that are not visible to the human eye by using filters, HEPA or ozone technology. Air purifiers are also beneficial for asthma patients, children who have less developed immune systems and pregnant women who are susceptible to indoor air pollutants.


The main component of an air purifier is the filter that is used to trap the contaminants. The filters present in air purifiers exchange the room air with the help of a fan which draws air through the purifier. When the air flows through the filter, the sieves of the air purifiers filter out contaminants from the circulating air. The filter acts like a net to trap harmful particles and bacteria from contaminating the indoor air. The capacity of the filter to purify the air plays an important role in determining the inflow and outflow of clean air in a room. The advanced technology of the air purifiers traps the indoor air pollutants such as dust mites, pet hair, bacteria, PM 2.5 and other hazardous gases present in the indoor air.

Breathe the clean air. Stay alert. Stay healthy!

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