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#SavingsSimplified with SuperCash!

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Savings come in all shapes and sizes, but with MobiKwik there’s just one size – big fat savings. And to make it even bigger, we have changed the SuperCash rules. Now all your deals come under one roof – flat 5% discount with no minimum transaction. You can use your SuperCash on transaction amount as low as Re.1. Also, you can use your SuperCash balance three times in a day. Every time you transact with MobiKwik, you save. 

Still confused how it works? Here you go:

  • Ordered medicines, but forgot to order your supplements? Order again, pay with MobiKwik and save again. You can use your SuperCash balance for the second transaction as well. Still forgot to order calcium tablets for your dog? Well, order once more and save once more.
  • How often do you forget to add something to your grocery list? If that happens all the time, this savings plan is just for you. Order groceries online and use your SuperCash. And in case you missed something – order again and use your SuperCash again. Sounds like your kind of deal, isn’t it?
  • We all have that one friend in the group who confirms right after the tickets has been booked. For such friends, there’s rest of your SuperCash balance to get a deal again. And you can keep that saved money for yourself as a penalty for late coming, just saying  😛
  • Forgot that awesome handbag in your wish-list right after placing an order for your fancy boots? Don’t worry,place your order now and use your SuperCash for a guaranteed discount of 5%.
  • With minimum transaction being as low as Re. 1, you can order earphones from Xiaomi or Samsung and use your SuperCash there. (can you personalize like the previous examples?)

With these new rules, you are bound to shop more and save much more. Start shopping now!

For further details, please refer to partner offer pages.

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