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True Friends

5 Signs of a True Friend

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You have a name in your mind as soon as you read the title, don’t you?

True friends are hard to find. And if you have found yours, you should thank your stars. A true friend is all that takes to make this world a better place to survive on.

Here are 5 signs indicating that “that” friend is a true friend.

1.     They Accept You

True friends never try to change you. They accept you as you are. They might help you improve; they will show you the reality at times you need, and they can be blunt as hell. However, they won’t ever disregard you for who you are. This is the primary principle of friendship- Acceptance.

2.     They Don’t Judge You

True friends know that judging is a way of making someone feel uncomfortable. You and your friend share a very comfortable zone with each other wherein you can speak to your friend about anything, and you will know that they won’t judge for your situation or for what you did.

3.     They Trust You

True friends trust you. True friendship is a not as meek as a thread. If ever someone tries to disrupt your bond, your friend knows whom to trust. True friends never believe others for their word about you. Not just that, they trust you for your actions. If you have taken a decision about anything in life, they trust you about it. They might give you suggestions otherwise, but they trust you that you won’t do anything deliberately wrong that can affect your friendship. That’s real friendship.

4.     They Understand You

True friends understand you, and hey believe in you when nobody else does. You can share anything with your friend, and you know that the other person will understand your instincts just the way you want them to. Real friendship is precious and beautiful.

5.     They Help You

True friends never turn faces when you need help. Be it monetary, psychological, physical or of any other sorts. They don’t hesitate in lending you money when you, most certainly, need it. That’s where MobiKwik comes in. We are a big fan of true friends and we know that money never comes between your friendship. Help your friend at the time of need and transfer money online in just a few seconds. No account details needed, no registration required. Just a few taps and your friend receives the money you send or vice versa.

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  1. Tamal Basak

    September 3, 2016 at 2:45 am

    Wow…Great Article Mobikwik..!!! As Everyone will Agree Friendship is the Best Thing in the World. It’s the Bonding without any Relationships.


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