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A journey of Calls from STD Booth to Smartphone

A Journey of Calls from STD Booth to Smartphones

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The generation of the 70s and the 80s saw significant technological advancements. They experienced black & white TV screens going color, CRTs changing into LEDs, video tapes converting into DVDs, Walkman turning into iPods, and landline instruments changing into mobiles.

Those were the days when owning mobile phones was a big deal. The person who had a mobile phone was supposed to be a man of the elite society taking big business decisions over phones. Keeping mobile phones was seen as one of the luxuries because the bills were too high to manage for a man of ordinary origin.

A person talking or imitating to speak over a plastic box clinging to his ears with an antenna and some buttons on it fascinated us. Remember when you used to doubt that the person talking over the phone is fooling us? Reason? It all seemed so utopian.

But, we all know the truth.

It all started when Alexander Graham Bell became the first person to make a call. The words he said to his assistant were: “Mr. Watson, come here. I want you.” The history was written on March 10, 1876, which we know as the invention of the telephone. Ever since its invention, it has created a profound impact on our lives and its role is constantly evolving. No doubt mobiles have become an indispensable technology of our time.

Remember those days when telephones were rarely seen at homes. You could only see landline telephones at STD shops where you had to pay according to the pulse rates. Ah! What days! This was the time when numerous shop owners became rich by setting pulse rate to 30 seconds which means they arbitrarily used to charge for two minutes if one talked for just one minute. On top of that, they used to charge for calls by assuming the distance where one wanted to make a call. Privacy was one of the biggest concerns at that time. For this, we started using a public phone booth that allowed us to speak to our folks in a separate cabin by feeding coins.

Gradually, times changed, and we witnessed mobile revolution brought by Reliance that took the entire nation by storm. This was the time when cell phones could be seen in the hands of general people.

With the passage of time, mobile phones were nudged out by smartphones, and now, it is needless to say what importance they have in our lives. Can you imagine a day without your cellphone? No way!

Living in an era of 4G, we all have become speed junkies and love to perform things on the go.

If we think for a moment, we will notice that smartphones are nothing without mobile applications. Today, we have numerous mobile applications that let us perform things on the go. Whether it is paying electricity bills, insurance premiums, DTH recharges, mobile recharges, online shopping, booking bus, rail, and air tickets, we can do all just at the gentle touch of our fingertips. Oh common. You know what we are talking about, right? MobiKwik, of course! Trusted by millions of users, this mobile wallet today has become a need of every smartphone user.

So, what next? Wait for some exciting new technology. Maybe, we will be able to make calls without even a device at hand. Virtual reality! Seems like a mystery. But, we can just wait!

Happy MobiKwik-ing, as of now! 🙂

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